Dinner Menu


House Salad $7 (V)

Fresh organic mixed greens and seasonal vegetables tossed with Chalaca house dressing.

Quinoa Salad $9 (V)

Quinoa, greens, corn, and fresh seasonal vegetables with special house dressing.

Anticuchos $10

Peruvian style beef or chicken kabobs marinated in wine, vinegar and spices, skewered and grilled to perfection, served with grilled potatoes.

Beef- DeLoach Pinot Noir $8
Chicken - Hess Chardonnay $7

Causa $10

Whipped Peruvian yellow potatoes seasoned with lime and Aji Amarillo chile, layered with our house chicken salad. Served chilled with a special Botija olive dressing.

Empanada $8

Your choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian filling. Served with sliced lime and Aji sauce.

Choros a la Chalaca $14

Boiled New Zealand Mussels topped with chopped onions, diced tomatoes, olive oil, and lime juice.

Anticuchos de Vegetales $10 (V)

Organic Vegetables - zucchini, mushrooms, red and orange bell peppers with yellow onions, grilled to perfection and flavored with homemade seasonings and wine.

Hess Chardonnay $7

Papa a la Huancaina $9 (V)

Sliced Yukon potatoes topped with Huancaina sauce, garnished with sliced hardboiled egg and marinated olives. (Originally from the Andean highlands, Huancaina sauce is a mildly spiced feta cheese sauce.)

Entrees - Pescado

Ceviche de Pescado $25

This beloved national dish is a mix of fresh seasonal fish, lightly marinated in seasoned lime juice with a touch of chili, served with Peruvian corn, yucca and sweet potatoes.

Alameda Brewing Co. Hef-D - Light and crisp, the citrius on the ceviche is a grea complement.

Ceviche Mixto $27

Seasoned fish and shellfish marinated in lime juice with a touch of chili. Served with Peruvian corn, yucca and sweet potatoes.

Arroz con Mariscos $26

Peruvian style Paella. Fresh shellfish in a red pepper and green pea studded saffron rice.

Jalea Especial $28

A Peruvian party dish: Lightly fried fish fillet, shrimp, and shellfish with a light lime dressing. Served with fried plantain, yucca, sweet potatoes, and nuggets of dried corn.

Alameda Brewing Co. Hef-D - Light and crisp, the citrius on the ceviche is a great complement.

Pescado a la Chorrillana $22

Fresh fillet of seasonal fish, tapped with caramelized onions, tomatoes in a wine sauce. Served with sweet potatoes and rice.

Parihuela $26

Peruvian fisherman's stew - fresh caught seasoned fish and shellfish in a richly seasoned broth.

Dona Paulia Carminenre - Has a smooth and round finish.
Idahop (IPA) $7 or Current IPA on tap - is another great way to go in a hot summer day.


Lomo o Pollo Saltado $18

Choice of sirloin or chicken strips stir fried with onions, tomatoes, golden potatoes, cilantro and cumin. Served with rice.

Hess Cabernet Sauvignon for the Lomo Saltado. It has a bold flavor the it just make the sazon of the meal make you want to go to Perú. Feeling adventurous There is no better way to get a Classic Pisco Sour.

Bistek Encebollado $24

Grilled sirloin steak topped with caramelized onions and tomatoes. Served with rice.

Tallarines Verdes $23

Grilled sirloin steak served on pasta with South American-style pesto.

Seco de Cordero $22

A tender lamb stew served with a side creamed pinto beans and rice.

Carapulcra $21

Pork braised in a mild sauce, thickened with Andean dried potatoes and garnished with slices of yucca and rice.

Adobo de Chancho $22

Citrus marinated pork and slices of sweet potatoes in a delicate stew.

Arroz con Pollo $19

Chicken thigh served a green pea, carrots, and cilantro rice. Served with small mixed green salad.

Saltado de Vegetales $12 (V)

A vegetarian version of the Peruvian classic. Seasonal vegetables sautéed with cilantro and cumin. Served with fried sweet potatoes and rice.

Maracuya Sour the complexity of the Passion fruit and Pisco is the perfect balance to the meal.

Hongos Saltados $13 (V)

Mushroom sauté - portobello mushrooms wok fried with onions, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, soy sauce, and garlic. Served with rice.


Rice $2
Fried Plantains $3
Cancha (toasted corn) $2
Sweet Potatoes 3
Aji Amarillo o Rocoto $1
Chifles (plantain chips) $2

*Organic vegetables used whenever possible. We use only the finest quality meats including Mary’s Air-Chilled Organic Chicken

*(V) Vegetarian
Please tell your server if you have any food allergies.