Chef Maria Fiestas

Maria Fiestas was born in Chancay, in the Piura region on Northern Peru.
Her love for cooking started at an early age as she watched her mother and grandmother cook staple dishes of the region like the “Seco de Cabrito and Anticuchos” as well as fish dishes prepared from the daily catch brought by her father, who came from a respected family of fishermen.

When she turned fourteen, Chef Maria began working at her family's owned restaurant, where she learned the family’s cooking “secrets” and expanded her knowledge in the traditional cooking of Northern Peru and the “Cocina Criolla” (Creole) cooking style, which had been influenced by the European migration to the country.

Four years later she moved to Callao, the main port of Northern Peru and opened a “Picanteria” (family style restaurant). She remained in business for 37 years until political struggle in Peru forced her to move to the United States in 1998.

Only two years after migrating to the United States, her hard work and her passion for cooking allowed her to continue what she had loved doing back home and opened La Furia Chalaca in 2000.

Chef Maria continues her family tradition at La Furia Chalaca and takes pride in her traditional cooking methods, using only authentic ingredients imported from Peru.

When you come to La Furia Chalaca, not only you get a taste of Maria’s beloved Chancay and Callao, but also a taste of her family's cooking tradition, art and culture of Peru.

When you’re here….you’re home!!

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